Why Older Men Marry Younger Davao Women?

Davao women with Western men
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Older men marrying younger Philippine women is not a new occurrence. In fact, older men marrying younger women from any country is not a new occurrence at all. The reasons are many and varied.

One of the most compelling reasons as to why many Davao women end up getting married in the Philippines to a foreigner is simply because the two people in the relationship are compatible with one another. They have the same values, or they both have a trait or a set of traits that the other finds desirable in a partner. Marrying a woman from Davao can help a man get the kind of life that he wants.

Compatibility is a key component in any successful relationship, and men who want a more traditional family structure with the man as the head of the house are going to have that if they marry Davao women. They may not get that traditional structure that they want with a woman at home, but they might be able to find it if they mingle with Davao singles.

There’s also an element of child-rearing involved. Fertility decreases slightly as a woman gets older and getting pregnant can get harder for them. While it is true that a woman can get pregnant as she gets older, the chances of a birth defect do increase slightly as well.

For this reason, a lot of older men who want to have children turn to relationships with younger women to maximize their chances at procreation to have children.

Characteristics of Younger Davao Women in Marriage

The Philippines is a fairly traditional country. This means that gender dynamics in the country are also pretty conservative. This means that the man will generally be the head of the house. The decisions will be his. They can and often are shared with a partner, but marriage in the Philippines today is still set along with traditional gender roles.

Marrying a woman from Davao will mean marrying someone who is quite conservative and demure, someone who may act prim and proper even in private. But one major trait of Filipinas is that they are very open about their feelings. If they want something, they will vocalize it. If something is bothering them, they will say so. This keeps the lines of communication very open between couples.

Filipina women are also great household managers. Because of the more conservative culture of marriage and family, many Davao girls are taught from an early age to manage and run a household. This means that they can hire and manage household help such as maids, cooks, and nannies efficiently.

Marrying a woman from Davao generally means creating a structured family unit, as well as a well-managed household. This can generally lead to a comfortable, steady, and stable home life.

Why Davao Girls Seek Love from Older Men

Aside from the aforementioned element of compatibility, there are a lot of reasons that younger Davao women marry older men.

One main reason that older men are appealing to younger women from Davao is because they are settled. They have stable jobs and careers. They know what they want from a relationship. They’re not sitting on their hands and trying to figure out if they want a relationship or not. They do not waffle about. If they want the relationship, then they make their intentions clear.

Some women want to settle down, and a lot of the men around them who are in their age group are not done sowing their wild oats. These men want to be free and unattached. But older men are different. They are actively looking to settle down. They are looking for home and family, the same things that a lot of younger women are looking for as well.

Maturity is also important for a lot of young women. When they get married, they are likely going to want children pretty soon after the wedding, which means that they are going to want to be with men who are mature enough to be fathers. Older men are generally more mature than younger ones and are perceived as better candidates for fatherhood.

This makes marrying a woman from Davao an ideal partnership for a lot of couples. They both get the stable home life full of love that they want. Yes, there might be some hassles in terms of residency and visas, but those are small obstacles when compared to the much greater reward of the life you want.

Relationships between older men and younger women are hardly new. Some women are just old souls and are naturally inclined towards partners who are older than them because of it.

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