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Dating websites and various online marriage agency services have made a paradigm shift in the realm of romance. Many men and women have been through these websites to find their potential partners for serious relationships. In the modern world of dating, these sites have brought people together from all walks of life no matter the distance. They are people who are not seeking casual dating but a long-term commitment that can lead to a successful marriage. This has paved way for several companies to capitalize on the opportunity of matchmaking, weaving potential couples together with a high success rate.

Craigslist and Davao Women are just two of the most well-known companies that offer services to singles. Roughly, both of these companies offer similar services that pertain to dating and marriage matching. However, while similarities exist, the differences are also noteworthy. There are a couple of factors that clarify their differences. Read on to find the distinction between Craigslist and Davao Women to guide you toward making the best choice of which company to work with.

What Is Craigslist?

Craigslist is one of the most famous international dating sites for marriage, especially in America. It offers a variety of services; the most common of which is the personals section where men seeking for girls to love are enlisted. There are also numerous girls available in the section.

Over the course of time, Craigslist has proven itself for its matchmaking services. However, along with positive feedback from clients, there are also a myriad of negative feedback to this site.

Personals Are Random

Perhaps, what paves the Craigslist’s road to ruin is that it lacks a host company to provide security to online dating. All the accounts are personally handled by the women. Thus, the site has no system of verification to thoroughly check the authenticity of the women listed in the personals section. No one verifies their existence and background which has resulted in several complaints about some of the people enlisted being scammers.

Various instances occur where members get involved with counterparts who play with them for their money. Since the site is not secured, it’s difficult to differentiate which ones are legit and fake. Given that, Craigslist doesn’t take responsibility should cases, such as the existence of scammers, happen. The website doesn’t bear the blame should the members are led on and lied to by other users they meet.

No Verification

As mentioned, Craigslist’s biggest downfall as one of the dating sites for singles is that none of the personals are verified. Some profiles are not attested by their authenticity. Some users take photos of someone else and post them into their profiles to create a false persona. When using Craigslist, it’s important that one maintain skepticism and avoid being scammed by other members who use false identity. As a result, failure to verify profiles has defeated the purpose of the users signing up on the site.

Meetups Are Not Secured

Since there is no one to handle the personals signing up and verify the profiles, meeting up with someone is a risk to reckon with. The site is not held responsible should any mishaps occur, for in the very first place, there is no guarantee on the real identity of the people whom users meet. There have been some cases when Craigslist’s meet-up have turned to local news headlines the day after.

Of course, it is scary to personally meet someone you have only met online. But with the unhandled profiles of the users on Craigslist, it gets riskier. Aside from that, no one oversees the meet-up which puts users at a higher risk of traps for a set-up and scam on the making, or something else.

What Is DavaoWomen.Com?

A stunning young lady in Davao seeking marriage with foreign men
Sign up for free today to meet your future bride! is one of the largest and renowned dating sites in the world which offers matchmaking services, including introductions and tours. Since 1995, we have been among the very first international online matchmakers and singles’ tour companies. Up to now, we remain in the front row of the online dating industry, domestic or international.

This site features the beauty, cultures, traditions, and characteristics of Davao women. What sets us apart from other dating sites is that we have physical offices in several countries around the globe. Our corporate headquarters are located in the United States. Here in the Philippines, we have two offices based in Davao and Cebu. is established for the purpose of fun, friendship, and marriage from a vision of matchmaking that facilitates users from all over the world. Given two decades of research and hard work, we have been responsible for a hundred of marriages each year. In fact, many of our founding partners and company staff met their beautiful Philippine women brides through the services that we facilitate.

Presence of a Company Name

Davao Women mediates between clients and the girls who signed up on the site. We have matchmakers on staff to assist clients in their troubles by providing them with means of communication, answers to their inquiries, and the like which provides our clients security and authenticity.

Clients can also access information within the site. They can reach out to them through the contact details provided. Should anything occur, it is guaranteed that the company is still reachable. The clients can allocate some sense of accountability on the company’s shoulders.


Unlike Craigslist, all personal profiles are verified by Davao Women. It is guaranteed that only genuine photos and videos are released. They were taken with consent and the other parties are aware that they are up on site.

We provide our clients with the assurance that the photos they see in the profiles are exactly the same people they will meet in person during the tours. Our staff members thoroughly verify the profiles of Davao women to provide security from scams or frame-ups on the making.

Davao Women also keeps the confidentiality of each client. Only the matchmakers and the clients can have access to their services. Their personal data is guaranteed safe so they will not have to worry when they search for their lovely bride. The clients have full access and privacy to the site.

Meetups Are Secured

Davao Women has its own singles’ group tours and individual tours. This singles vacation is designed for foreign men to meet Davao Women looking for a serious relationship. It is a legitimate social event where both parties can meet up. It comes with safety, accommodation, and fun social meetups.

Both the safety of the clients and the girls are secured by the management of the site. This gives both parties a hassle-free journey to meeting the love of their life. Tour staff will be present throughout the whole social, including qualified translators. All professional staff are qualified to organize this exciting event.

After all the points stated above, it is safe to say that Davao Women has more positive things to look forward to rather than Craigslist. It offers verified profiles and secure meetups in Davao, which is far different from what Craigslist is able to offer.

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