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“Sometimes, people make the mistake of jumping to the first person they make a connection with. However, they should be honest with them and say: Hey, I just need some time to meet more people.”

That is what John, a tour client, said when asked for his opinion regarding dating and finding great matches.

John is among our clients who’ve met their true loves through the tours. He encountered many Davao girls dating seriously until he met his current wife, Gelly. If you’ve thought about dating beyond your borders, his story may convince you to give the concept a try.

Exploring Options

More often than not, singles explore their options as they navigate their dating pools. This openness helps because it lets you identify your wants, needs, and potential deal-breakers. Your experiences bring wisdom that makes you become a better partner, and by extension, a better person.

Before John settled down with Gelly, he kept his options open. While on his first tour, he met her and several other women. He eventually narrowed his choices down to four ladies. He recalls having wonderful experiences with his dates, appreciating the time spent without regrets.

Although John was ready for the next tour, he didn’t wait to join the next one. Since he had some time off from work he returned to Davao.

He encountered Gelly again while seeing other new women. He also went on dates with some ladies he met during his first tour. When asked why, John explained that he didn’t have time to meet them during his initial visit and he wanted to maximize his free time.

Finding The One

While John was seeing other matches, he couldn’t keep Gelly off his mind. Seeing her again helped him realize that she was the person he was looking for. And with that realization, he knew he couldn’t continue dating other ladies.

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John was glad he took some time to explore the Davao dating pool. His exploration led him to find Gelly. “I would have been happy if it took me two years to find the right person. I just really didn’t expect that. It all came together. It was God’s plan,” he said.

Expand Your Horizons

John’s love story is proof that navigating local dating scenes is worth your time and effort. Many Davao girls dating around may just be looking for someone who’ll give them the long-term commitment they want and need.

And when you find that special match, don’t let them become the person who got away. Even John knew when to stop his search. “At my age, I didn’t really want to wait. I don’t want to meet one girl, spend a year dating her, and realize that things won’t work out,” he said.

Committing yourself to a single person is okay, especially if you feel a special connection is forming between the two of you. However, you can’t predict that a match is the exact person you’re looking for.

Keep your options open and meet other people, especially if you haven’t committed yourself to someone. The person you’re looking for may be a few dates away.

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