Fall in Love with Davao City Singles

Davao City isn’t just a bustling urban center. It’s also home to beautiful Davao City singles who are ready for long-term love. Patrick, a tour client, is among the many men who’ve found their match in the King City of the South. His love story may encourage you to journey to this great city and look for true love.

Finding Love through Davao Dating

When asked how he came across our agency, Patrick says he first saw the platform around August or September of 2002, where he joined a tour of one of our select destinations.

Patrick didn’t find a potential partner during his first tour, but he didn’t let it get his hopes down. He started looking at our tours again, and decided to come to the Philippines. “The Philippine women speak English and whatnot, and they are, maybe have more of the culture and nurturing of the family that I’m looking for.”

Meeting and Falling for Marive

When Patrick finally set foot in the Philippines, he encountered pictures of Marive, his now-fiancée. Because he was smitten, he sent out several emails to her (and other women).

Patrick finally met Marive during the first night of our tour’s Socials. Once they discovered their chemistry, they were inseparable. They even went on the tour’s excursions together because they didn’t want to be apart.

It didn’t take Marive long to feel comfortable around Patrick. She said the feeling started as early as the second Socials night. “It started when he was doing gestures like sharing food and giving first aid,” she said. She appreciated his thoughtfulness and sweetness because she felt cared for.

Patrick knew Marive was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He revealed that he plans to return and start the necessary paperwork for a fiancée visa. “I’m taking longer than some other guys, but at least we know our relationship is growing every day with communication, seeing each other on Skype and so on, and spending more time with her,” he shared.

Davao City singles being interviewed
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How to Find Love in Davao City

Patrick’s story shows that you can find true love across distances. And with that, how can you find your soulmate in Davao?

You may want to follow Patrick’s lead and explore our Davao dating site. You’ll encounter many stunning singles who, like you, are looking for genuine connections. Registration is easy because of our hassle-free process. All we need is your basic information, and you can start looking for love in no time. The ladies on our site pass a thorough screening process to ensure user safety and security. We prioritize security above everything else.

If you want to up your chances of finding true love, follow Patrick’s example and join our tours. Feel free to choose from our individual or group options, depending on your preference. Both choices guarantee a fun time as you search for the lady that will win your heart.

Patrick recommends giving the tour a try. “I would say they have to come here to meet the women to understand. If you want a woman that’s going to take care of you, and you take care of her, you couldn’t find a better place to find one,” he said.

Davao City singles are ladies you don’t want to pass up on. Every man would be lucky to win over women like them. Take a chance on romance and make your way to Davao. Your true love may await you in the King City of the South.

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