Davao Dating: Looking for That Genuine Connection?

There are many negative presumptions surrounding international dating especially when it comes to matchmaking American men and Filipina women.

One of the erroneous ones is that foreign men just run through a catalog of women, pick one, and take her home from the Philippines.

But matchmaking at Davao Women, a leading Davao dating site, is definitely far from that.

They’re not there just to meet the first American guy and just go off with them. They’re there to find the connection.

Davao dating is more than just finding a match, it’s about getting to know each other, falling in love, and knowing she’s the one for you.

“There’s still some courtship that needs to go on there and there’s the connection that both of you need to find,” he adds.

That’s exactly what Ronna Lou, a Philippine Matchmaker, was looking for and ultimately found when she met her current husband at the Socials five years ago.

When asked how she found out about the matchmaking agency, Ronna shared that it was her friend who introduced her to it.

“I got heartbroken that time, year 2013. So I opened an opportunity for myself and got registered in the agency,” Ronna adds. “I want[ed] an opportunity to meet guys and to have a long-term relationship.”

Looking for love that she didn’t find in local men urged Ronna to try her luck internationally.

“Because in the Philippines, the women are more responsible than the guys,” she describes. “We want a stable future or someone who could love us with the way we are or the way we deal with things, being responsible.”

Responsibility is one of the key traits Ronna and other Filipina women seek in a man.

“We like older or mature guys who are willing to accept you, love you, and care for you,” she expresses.

a man and a woman standing next to each other
Davao dating is more than just choosing a partner that fits you; it’s about finding a connection that blossoms into a relationship.

By widening their dating pool, ladies have a better chance of finding their ideal partner. For Filipina women, a Davao City dating site like Davao Women, gives them that attractive opportunity.

While many would think going on a matchmaking site is no sweat, Ronna admits there were challenges along the way as she and her partner decided to get married and settle down in America.

“For the meantime, it’s difficult, especially adjusting to a different culture but I’m already prepared for the future,” she says.

The Davao dating site helped her to be ready for this change.

“They have this briefing or orientation that most of the foreigners want the lady or the Filipina to relocate to America,” she recalls. “So, yes we knew about that. I’m good with that. Just letting my family know that if ever I met a guy in here then I’m going to say bye for a while.”

But above all, what is needed for such a demand is that “Your relationship together is strong,” Ronna says, as she trusts her husband to be with her through thick and thin.

John Adams, agency President, praised Ronna for her exceptional courage.

“You’re here now and you’re making a new home here. That’s brave. I have so much respect for you because that is not easy to do,” he says.

“I’m glad and I’m so happy,” she affirms.

“We talk all kinds of things about these women but very rarely do I hear other men talking about how courageous these women are in order to do this and to take that chance for love; that risk for a better life and I think it’s wonderful that you did that,” John says, encouraging Ronna and all the single ladies in Davao dating foreigners.

Are you ready to take that risk for love?

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Like Ronna, find that genuine connection with the love of your life.

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