This Dating Site in Davao City Helped Him Find True Love

“I find something more valuable than the material thing I found something that’s…about love.”

Stuart, an American from Odessa, Texas, is a kind and caring man who has always wanted to find true love and family. He tried online dating in the US, but he was not confident about the people he met. He never expected to be led to a dating site in Davao City, but once he got on DavaoWomen, he felt like it was a sign that he could finally find what he was looking for.

He was a divorced man who didn’t know how to start dating again. He felt lost and claimed you could never be confident with the people you talk to on some websites.

What convinced Stuart to choose our service was the fact that we do extensive research and have rigid standards for our female participants.

Stuart didn’t have time for games, so he appreciated the fact that each woman we feature undergoes an interview and verification process to ensure she’s genuine.

He was also impressed by our success stories. As an old-school guy himself, he was looking for a Filipino woman with traditional values.

“And I have some friends who are married to Filipinos and they’re all still married and extremely happy.”

Stuart knows that Filipino women are not superficial. They are more interested in a man’s character and his ability to provide and care for a family.

“So I said, ‘Okay, they had everything that I was looking for.’”

Taking the Risks of Going to an Unfamiliar Place

“I was scared. I’m about to fly over this ocean [for] 14, 15 hours to a place I had no familiarity with.”

Stuart called his family before leaving. His dad was supportive and encouraged him to go.

“I flew over, and over the ocean, I was like, ‘Yep, I pulled the trigger, I’m going now. There’s no turning back.’”

He was nervous but determined to make the most of his trip. He was impressed that the women also had to travel long distances to attend the socials.

“Like them, we have such a short amount of time to learn from each other.”

Stuart was initially unsure of how to present himself to the many beautiful Filipino women. In the end, he realized that he just needed to be himself, the same way he always was in America.

a Foreign man and a Filipina woman sitting in chairs while holding their hands and smiling to each other
Stuart has finally found what he’s been searching for with Rose.

Finding the One in the Socials

There are ladies of all ages in the Socials. But Stuart had his preferences when it came to age: someone above 30 years old, who has more life experience.

Everything was overwhelming for him. He knew that both the women and men in the Socials were asking themselves the same question, “Which one is the one?”

Stuart says that body language is important in conversation. You can tell if a woman is interested in you by her eye contact and the vibe of the conversation. He also says that it is important to be clear about your intentions and to listen to the other person.

For other men just like him, Stuart says, “Don’t be afraid to come down here. These women are seriously looking…It’s long-term.”

Stuart knew that the women he would meet were genuine and looking for someone to settle down with. He was aware that there would be a few who weren’t, but he was confident that most of the participants would be sincere.

Making the Right Decision

“I don’t regret staying in that plane and coming over. I never would have met Rose…”

Stuart is happy to find what he’d been looking for, something more valuable than material things.

Make the right decision like Stuart by coming to our group tours through this Davao City dating site. There are many dating sites in Davao City that you can stumble upon, but don’t risk your time and money on something you aren’t sure about. Register on our website and experience a service personalized just for you.

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