Davao Women: Biggest Complaint About the Davao Dating Site

Everything you ask for in a date, you will surely find at the group tours at Davao Women, the leading Davao dating site for foreign men looking for marriage.

Gorgeous single women and a vibrant dating experience topped with first-rate matchmakers and staff await you when you come to the Philippines.

However, there’s one thing you might regret.

John, an American client, attests to the ease and success he experienced with the Davao City dating site, yet later reveals a drawback. He is now married to Gelly, a Filipina he met at the Group Tours.

“[I] just buy the ticket and they pick me up at the airport and then they show me where to exchange the money,” John narrates. “And they drove me to the hotel and they said check in right here and everything was done.”

What’s more, Americans and other foreigners don’t need a visa to go to the Philippines. With just your passport, you can enjoy a whole 2-week Group Tour with Davao Women.

You’ll explore stunning nature spots and meet beautiful women at the best dating sites in Davao City.

“I went over there another time with my salsa group and that’s when I first discovered the Philippines. I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I love the Philippines,’” John raves. “People were just so wonderful but it was hard because I was on my own, having to find my own hotels. I met a lot of girls there too but it wasn’t easy. I did all the work.”

But with the matchmaking agency, everything becomes a piece of cake.

a foreign man and a filipina women smiling at each other
Davao Women, the premier Davao dating site, gives you the best chance to meet your future wife.

"It was very easy,” John commends. And the best part of it all was that “They introduced me to 200 girls.”

Davao Women hosts the highly-anticipated Socials where clients can meet numerous marriageable ladies, eager to meet men looking for serious relationships.

“When you walk in the Socials, first, you’ll notice all the beautiful women staying at different tables,” describes one of the clients. “And you’ll notice the champagne and the food and you can just walk up to the table and you can talk to them as a group [or] talk to them one on one.”

“And then as the night progresses, the music kicks in a little bit and everybody goes dancing,” he continues. “And if you still want conversations without dancing, you can still go outside or set up dates for later. But the Socials are definitely the way to go.”

As one of the group tour highlights of the Davao Dating site, The Socials is truly a favorite for both the men and the ladies.

However, its success is also the one great complaint that all clients have in common.

“The biggest complaint or the best complaint I got is that ‘It worked and I can’t do it again,’” John Adams, AFA President says.

“I was ready even for the next five years to just go on every tour I could and just enjoy,” John says.

But meeting Gelly changed all that because then, he didn’t have any reason to go on the tours any longer.

“Really, I would have been [your] best customer,” he jests.

If you’re looking for a dating adventure that is both fun and fulfilling, then you’ve come to the right place with Davao Women, the premier Davao dating site for marriage-minded men and women.

Sign up now and join our Group Tours. You’ll surely have no complaints except just one happy regret.

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