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Cameron flew all the way from Australia to the Philippines to find the right woman. He works in mining and is a shy guy, so he doesn’t go out much. Dating is hard for him. He realizes that there are other ways to meet women and date without going to clubs, parties, and crowded places, so he takes his chance.

He happened to search one of our websites like the Davao City dating site, and decided to join of group tour for singles. The Philippines is a familiar place to Cameron.

“I’ve visited the Philippines in the past and had some good and bad experiences with Filipinos.”

His bad experiences never discouraged him from finding a Filipina partner. He knows that all nationalities have their own bad apples. He came across our website and decided to watch our videos, featuring the success stories of our clients in meeting and marrying Filipinas.

“It was interesting, and a lot of beautiful women on the video clips that I viewed on YouTube.”

So he thought, “Why not?” He says that he’s not getting any younger and it certainly would not be a waste of time to spend a holiday in the country where there is a possibility of finding someone special.

Cameron attended our socials, where he met Rovelyn. They had an instant connection and quickly became inseparable.

“We’re very happy and I dated her on the very first day…and we’ve been together ever since.”

Cameron is a single man who has never been married or had kids. He is the type of guy who is waiting for the right woman to come along. He took a big step by going to the socials, but he is glad he did.

“I’m really happy that I did, that I found Rovelyn.”

Cameroon tried online dating in Australia, but it wasn’t what he was looking for. He wanted to find a conservative woman, and he thought he could find that in a Filipino woman. He found our website and saw our success stories. He started to hope that he could find love too. He thought that there was nothing to lose.

“I guess the worst-case scenario is, “Hey, I get a great holiday and meet some lovely women…” which he did, but it was successful for him when he met Rovelyn.

Cameron is taking picture to Rovelyn on a boat
Cameron and Rovelyn are one of the latest couples to find love through our dating site.

A Foreigner’s Reservations

“Absolutely, I had reservations.”

Cameron was hesitant at first. He wondered if he would find someone he would get along with. He worries if the women are real, if they are really single and looking for a long-term relationship. He had doubts, but he realized that if he didn’t take this chance, he might miss out on finding the right woman.

“I just took the plunge. I’m really happy that I did.”

For his message to foreign men like him, “Just look into the organization, and just do it.”

He shared his observations during the socials, “There’s a lot of women who are invited…all single, all looking for a long-term relationship, all attractive…”

“Some girls are a bit shy but of course, that’s the Filipino culture…” he added.

Cameron is shy, so meeting many beautiful Filipino women was a lot for him to handle. He felt overwhelmed by all the attention he was getting. Nevertheless, he still enjoyed the experience.

“That’s a really great experience, something that I don’t certainly experience back home.”

Taking the Plunge to Meet the Right Filipino Woman

“Come out here…Spend the money. It’s a great holiday in the Philippines,” says Cameron. He also appreciated the efforts of our staff who will help you out with anything.

Remember that meeting the woman in person is a must. As Cameron said, You can’t know if you like someone just by looking at their pictures. You need to meet them in person to see if there’s a connection.

We invite you to come to Davao City, Philippines, and experience the best of Filipino dating. There are many dating sites in Davao City but you can’t always be sure of the service you will get. We want you to experience what Cameron has experienced. Register through us, DavaoWomen, the best Davao City dating site, and join our group tour for singles. You will get a chance to meet attractive Filipino women in one life-changing event.

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