Why I Want an OLDER GUY - Filipinas Hold NOTHING BACK

Like many other Asian women, Filipinas can go the extra mile in their pursuit of love. Rodelyn, the Filipina featured in the video, embarks on an unconventional journey in the ever-evolving world of love. She seeks the guidance of local matchmakers in Cebu with a simple yet profound goal: to find a genuine life partner. While the Philippines is home to many good Filipino men, they aren't on Rodelyn's radar as many of them aren't ready for the commitment of starting a serious relationship and building a family.

So, why foreign men?

Many Filipina girls, including Rodelyn, perceive single foreign guys as being serious and committed when it comes to romantic relationships, which is something many Pinays seek in a partner. Like many Filipina women, Rodelyn yearns for love and acceptance. Her ideal man? Someone who would not only accept her but also her son—a package deal she holds close to her heart. Now, onto the million-dollar question: What's the most important quality she's looking for in a man? It's a no-brainer—commitment! Rodelyn stressed it again and again, making it crystal clear that commitment is the secret sauce in her recipe for love.

A fling with a Filipino in her past had taught her a valuable lesson—looks are fleeting. It's what's on theinside that really matters to Rodelyn. Her sights are set on foreigners aged between 40 and 50, the sweet spot where maturity and respectfulness supposedly converge—qualities she values. She also believes that intimacy is what glues a relationship together—a connection that goes beyond words, a crucial element in the dance of love.

Like many typical Filipino women, Rodelyn's life revolves around her family, especially her son. Traditional women in the Philippines treasure family bonds as lifelines, keeping them afloat amidst the broken threads of life. Like many Filipinas actively pursuing a WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) relationship through matchmakers in Cebu, Rodelyn's journey towards love might be unconventional, but it's a story where she alone decides the ending.

As dating in Davao and Cebu City becomes a foreign affair, men from around the world embark on solo travel to the Philippines to meet their future Filipina bride. For a legion of men eager to visit the Philippines, working with an international dating agency who can be your Filipina cupid can go a long way in helping you become the better bachelor you're destined to be. Generally, dating involves risks: it can lead you to losers or love. It just so happens that many foreign men see dating Filipinas as a risk they can't afford not to take. Exploring exotic sights while searching for the Filipina pea to your pod with the aid of Pinay matchmakers? Win-win!

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