Why Do Filipinas Love to Have Many Children?

Most foreign men who look for a life companion usually consider single Filipinas in a credible marriage agency as the best candidates. Everyone loves the positive and cheerful personality of Filipino women. They have a good reputation for becoming the best life partners one can ever have.

One of the most common reasons why foreign men find a wife in the Philippines, specifically from Davao City, is because of the high fertility rate of Philippine women. If you are trying to build a strong and happy family, then it is right to choose someone who is still able to produce a child. There’s no need to explain why most foreign men who want to settle down and have a family usually prefer someone who is still healthy and young.

As you navigate the international dating scene in the country, one of the cultural differences that you might not know about is the importance of having a child in the Philippines. It is common for Filipino families to have three or more children. Having a big family is the norm in the Philippines because they believe that the more, the merrier.

Another reason why having a lot of children is acceptable among Filipinos is because of their religion. The majority of Filipinos are Christian and they believe that we are here in the world to multiply and to preserve life. This is the main reason why abortion is illegal in the Philippines. For Filipinas, having children is a blessing from God. Not everyone who wants to have children is blessed with one.

Aside from the fact that Philippine girls view children as blessings, most of them also love rearing children. In the Philippines, children bring joy to the family. Their little laughter and giggles make everyone in the family fall in love with them. For Philippine ladies, no matter how tough life may get, they know that someone inspires them to become better and is at home waiting for them.

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