Filipinas HATE These...

Are you planning to date single Filipinas in Davao? Have you prepared yourself as you embark on a romantic solo travel adventure?

Aside from learning things that attract Filipinas, have you thought about things that ruin your chances dating Pinays? Of course, you have to be conscious that you may not guaranty a match on your first trip.

Besides learning the dating dos in the Philippines, you also have to be informed about the top turn offs of marriage minded Philippine women, so you can surely avoid the dating mistakes men make.

One of the most common things that can ruin your chances to find the Filipina pea who fits your pod is harassment, may it be physical or verbal manifests through disrespecting a Pinayโ€™s privacy. Filipino women are known to be conservative, so you should respect her private space while you are together, especially during the first date.

You should never rush things or else you will lose an opportunity of having a Filipina wife. Instead, being polite and respectful will surely win the hearts of Davao women.

Another mistake men make in dating Philippine women is to demand things that are not so easy to handle at a very early stage of the relationship. Again, you have to take things slow when it comes to dating Filipino girls. Pinays donโ€™t want to be pressured anymore than anyone else in the world.

You also have to remind yourself that you are dating in a foreign country with a different culture. You have to be respectful of the way Filipinos live and how they see the world. You have to be sensitive in giving out your opinion because there are subjects that Davao girls are sensitive about.

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