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Many foreigners will go the extra mile to find a Filipina tradwife, but no further. This is, however, true for most men despite the availability of Christian dating apps centered around Filipino women seeking intercultural relationships.

Foreign bachelors ditch domestic dating more than ever to embark on solo travel to the Philippines in search of potential wives. Not to mention the popularized lifestyle of passport bros pushes men to step out of their comfort zones and get back into the dating pool, often near the beach with Filipinas in Davao City.

Diving back into the dating pool is scary for some men who have been single for longer periods. More foreign men dating beyond borders in the Philippines by working with Filipina matchmakers who can help guaranty a match. Dating agencies in the Philippines organize speed dating events to give foreign guys and Filipina girls the opportunity to attract potential lifetime partners. By attending such meet and greet events in the Philippines, single foreigners test the waters and know which pool to submerge into.

Dip a toe in. Is it hot, cool, or tepid? Don't drown in overanalyzing what could possibly go wrong in a room full of 100+ Filipinas, just take the plunge! It's normal to be excited and scared at the same time; hence, a classic dive is subtle. But if you want to impress Filipino women with a pool trick on the first date night, don't hold your breath for too long as there are creative ways to make a splash. Want to alert everyone of your presence? Do a cannonball. Now you have their attention. If you want to fall head over heels make a cartwheel, or better yet a swan dive if you want to go in with elegance and grace.

Foreigners who treat Filipina dating apps as cupid are belly-flopping into the pool: launching with reckless abandon and preparing to get hurt. While it's true that using such platforms can make everything quick and easy, the satisfaction many foreigners find dating a Pinay offline succeeds any online platforms can provide.

Always remember to use different strokes for different folks! The most common while dating in the Philippines, however, are stroking your ego and a stroke of luck.

Now that you've positioned yourself in the dating pool, keep yourself afloat by setting realistic expectations and keeping a good attitude. Disclaimer: dating in the Philippines is like swimming in a pool without a lifeguard on duty. So, be on the lookout for unexpected swimmers (those who ask you for money during the first few days) and Pinays misusing their pool noodles (because it may seem they’re there for a different agenda.)

Lyca, Kristel, and Axl Rose, are just some of the few Filipinas eager to dive back into the dating pool, but there are plenty more others with the aid of local matchmakers in Davao City. If you have a sinking feeling that the pool gets too crowded, head over to the hot tub. Finding the Filipina pea to your pod is better off with warm bubbles, anyway.

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