Dating Filipinas: Is ‘Harana” Still Practiced?

Dating Filipinas has gone through several cultural shifts, from traditional to modern ways of meeting and dating. Many years ago, Filipino women were only used to dating locals, however, as time changed, foreign men are now dominating the modern dating scene in Davao.

How do these single foreign men do it?

Of course, there will be cultural differences when it comes to traveling away from home. The Philippines has its own set of cultures and traditions that have been handed down for several generations.

If you are a foreign man who is trying to guaranty a match in the Philippines, it can be challenging for you if you don’t learn these important traditions. Not educating yourself about the dating culture of Filipina girls can sometimes create problems and cause culture shock in you while navigating the Philippine dating scene.

Since times have changed, there are dating customs and traditions that have somewhat vanished. One of the best traditions pertaining to dating Filipinas is serenading them at night outside of their house. This very old tradition is called “harana” and has become less practiced in modern culture, but for sure, Philippine women are craving this romantic and emotionally appealing gesture.

Harana is done by a suitor who introduces and wooes a Filipina. The suitor serenades his beloved Filipina underneath her window at night.

If you decide to do this for a Filipina, it will surely melt her heart. This will be one of your best steps forward toward winning a Filipina girl’s heart.

Is it really a must for foreigners in the Philippines to serenade Filipina women when local men don’t even do that? It is not necessary for you to do that, but isn’t it high time for you to level your dating game? Many believe that a woman who is worthy will always be earned.

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