Haven’t Gotten with a Filipino Woman Yet? Here’s Why

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Do you want to be with a Filipino woman? Then pick the right one.

Do you find yourself wanting to be with a Filipino woman? There is a lot of incentive for someone like you to travel to the Philippines. One, because it’s a beautiful country that’s relatively cheap to go to. And second, because it’s home to some of the most incredible people in the world.

But just because some people say it’s easy to get a date with Filipino women doesn’t mean that it will automatically be the case for you.

Perhaps you have friends who make it seem easy, having had long and fulfilling relationships. But why does this kind of relationship elude you? And what can you do so you can finally have your dream woman?

Reasons Men Fail with Filipino Women

Why is it that you’ve failed to be with your preferred type of woman? What are the reasons for your romantic failures despite you trying your hand at dating a Filipina? There can be a few reasons why your dating strategies aren’t working out for you.

Trying Too Hard

The first reason that you’re not finding much success in the Philippines is that you may be coming off too strong.

Yes, women in the Philippines like to be chased. The culture in the country is largely conservative, so you’re certainly going to have to make the first move.

But some guys don’t recognize when they overstep boundaries.

Yeah, there are plenty of women in the Philippines who are going to play hard to get. But there’s a difference between playing hard to get and being outright uninterested and too many men either ignore it or don’t see the distinction.

Normally, when a girl isn’t interested in you, she’ll tell you straight to your face. Unfortunately, Filipinos can be too polite for their own good. In many ways, they are averse to confrontation. So if the woman you’re pursuing hasn’t told you NO, it’s quite possible she doesn’t want to offend or confront you.

To be sure, check out her body language. If she’s showing defensive body language, like crossing her arms as a sort of shield, then that’s a good indicator that she’s not interested in you chatting her up.

There are a lot of signs a Filipina likes you or not. And you’ll have to read her body language to figure them out.

You’re Not Trying Hard Enough

Conversely (and confusingly), there are women who do want to be chased. They want someone to try really hard to get them. Why is she doing this? Maybe it validates her. Maybe it’s her way of gauging your intentions towards her. Maybe it gives her a feeling of control.

So how do you tell the difference between someone who’s uninterested and someone who is interested but is playing hard to get? Here are a few ways:

  • If she rejects but still keeps in contact with you, then it’s because she wants you to try again.

  • If her friends know you, then it’s because she’s talking to them about you and the reason that she’s talking to them about you is because she’s claimed you as her in her mind.

  • If she sees you talking to another girl and gets territorial, then that’s a very glaring sign that she likes you, regardless of what she said when you initially asked her out.

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Sometimes when dating a Filipina, you might end up getting rejected. But you’ll have to read the signs to know why.

A Lack of Youth

You might be going after women who are younger than you.

There are plenty of women in the Philippines who are more than happy to date a man years older than them. But there are plenty who’d rather be with someone close to their own age, because they feel like such a relationship would be more egalitarian or a younger man can better keep up with them physically.

Don’t just go after someone because they’re young and pretty. Make sure that they’re also open to dating someone older.

They’re Just Not Into You

Sometimes the reason that you fail with a woman is simple: she’s just not into you. It’s not a reflection of who you are as a person. You could be all the things that should make you the perfect catch. But there’s still going to be women who aren’t going to be into you.

Think of it like food; say that someone doesn’t like seafood. Then it’s not going to matter how a fish is prepared. It could be the highest quality tuna or Chilean seabass prepared by the most skilled chef in the history of the culinary arts and there are still going to be diners who find it unappealing.

The fish (you) itself isn’t bad. It is as close to perfect as can be. It’s just that some people have their own preferences.

No Luck Dating a Filipina? Don’t Stop There!

The simple solution to a woman being uninterested in you is to move on. You’ll have to be practical and redirect your attention toward another woman, one who might be a little more receptive to your romantic overtures. Don’t waste your time on someone who’s not into you.

But moving on to someone more receptive is easier said than done. After all, how are you supposed to know if someone’s interested? Especially in a culture where women are encouraged to be demure?

Well, one option is to go online. With online dating, the women there are implicitly open to dating because they wouldn’t be there otherwise. Although there are some people who sign up for online dating solely to get matches and stroke their egos, they are few and far between.

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She says no to you? There are many other Filipino women to date.

So it’s safe to assume they might be at least open to dating you.

But what about the other thing? What about the age gap? Just because a woman is open to dating doesn’t mean she’d be open to dating someone older. So how do you know if a woman is comfortable with an age gap?

Depending on the online matchmaking service that you use, a comfort with age gaps could very well be built into the fabric of the website itself, not in the literal sense that it’s coded into the website itself, but in its concept.

There are online dating services out there that specialize in pairing men with women much younger than they are. It’s not necessarily a feature of the service, but it’s something that the people behind the service are more than happy to facilitate.

Oftentimes, the women who sign up for the service are also aware of the possibility that the men who show an interest in them might be significantly older than them. So if they’re on those sites, an age gap won’t be a dealbreaker for them.

No, what if you’re not comfortable with online dating? You could always try the cold approach: fly to the Philippines and hope you find someone that finds you palatable.

But how has that approach worked out for you? Are you married to a lovely Filipina yet? No, you’re not.

So you have two choices. One that hasn’t worked for you in the past and another whose past comes with a proven track record of getting men together with Filipinas and an assortment of resources to help you with your love life.

Neither of them comes with a guarantee of finding love, but one stacks the deck in your favor. It’s entirely up to you to decide which path you want to go down, so choose wisely.

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