Do Filipinas Date Single Dads?

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Date Filipinas as a single dad.

It’s not anymore the same when you can go, do, and be whatever and wherever you want to. You have youngsters looking up to you, holding your hands just like their lives depend on it.

You’re juggling your way through a hectic schedule which is the normal work- and father-time. Simply put, you’re now a single dad with tons of responsibilities.

If your kids are already grown-ups, then good for you. But you have to admit that for once in your life, especially when you literally just shouldered everything, you might have decided to steer clear from dating even the most beautiful Filipino women.

Easier thing for dads whose former wives are just out there to take shifts in looking after the kids. Not bound to be full-time for the role, dating can always be an option. However, there are also dads out there who just have no other choice but to be a solo-performing father.

So this is how both these men differ—the time they need to focus on being a father. It’s never a smooth-sailing trip, but being a single dad isn’t enough of an excuse to avoid dating or finding someone to date near you or somewhere from far across the globe. Yes, you have all the good things in mind for your kids but what about your own happiness? Kids all want a happy father.

Drop your self-restraints and pack your bags in preparation for a date-active lifestyle. If you think you want to look for women overseas, so be it.

Stand firm with your decision. You can always go to Davao Philippines and date Philippine women. If you’re already actively eyeing and seeing women from time to time, take a time to sit down and learn more about how you can much better navigate the world of dating as a single dad.

Remember, even when you travel to Davao, you need to keep in mind finding the right woman who can stick with you through the long haul while maintaining a solid relationship with your children. Your way of dating as a single dad varies in your situation. However, there are some relatively universal key points to take note of:

If you’re newly single, ease your way into the dating scene.

Either widowed or divorced, if you think you’re ready to fall again, then you deserve to date no matter the circumstance.

For widowed husbands, everyone might like to offer their own opinion about the right time you’d entertain another potential life partner.

Divorced men deal with a different challenge. They may feel guilty in indulging themselves while they only have a limited time with their kids. Take time to heal and maybe it’s still time to take it slow.

Talk to your kids about it in their level.

If something tells you that you’re ready to date, always put your kids in the equation. You can say, “You have been and will always be the most important person in my life. But as much as I want to spend time with you and friends just as you do, I also want a woman friend who I can dance with, go to the movies, and have a drink with.”

Start organizing your time.

Of course, the last thing that you want to happen is to struggle juggling your time for being a father while wading through Filipino dating culture, going on in Cebu dating.

Actively dating means you need to start or keep being organized. You can organize your dating time around your kids’ schedule.

When you take shifts with your former wife on caring for your children for either weekends or weekdays, make your schedule around that time. If your kids’ mom looks after them on weekends, then make time for dating on weekdays after work or when your child is at school.

Tap in babysitters’ help.

When your kids are under 13 years of age, you can also tap in the help of babysitters. You can try looking for two babysitters on Craigslist,, or from the recommendations of the people you trust. Two because you never know when the other one is unavailable just the time you need them.

You can also give your kids happy hours in the places they find to be most enjoyable, especially if they’re big enough to keep up with the rules you give them and to remember the time you’ll pick them up. You have the choice of getting babysitting assistance or just dropping your kids off in their favorite places and fetching them later.

For example, they might love staying in Starbucks with a little pocket money while playing on their laptops or making arts and crafts. However, you can also have both—drop in your kids at a certain place with their nanny and fetch them later on, and voila! You now have your home free for your visitor!

Find the right woman.

Not all women can understand that when push comes to shove, your children are always your priority. If you’re dating a single mother, she’ll do the same thing as well.

Single parents always put their children on top of their priorities regardless if it’s rivaled with dating. The woman you should look out for should be someone who understands just that.

If you’re already dating a Filipina, make sure that she doesn’t get jealous when you have to cancel or delay meeting them because of an emergency involving your children. You can also witness along the way that a few of the Filipina dating traditions include a lot about her family.

At such gatherings, you can always see how she treats her family. We know that mothers always put on nurturing, selfless qualities for their kids but don’t forget that women who haven’t been a mother can also make a good mother to your children because no one competes for her attention.

Avoid frequent come and go.

Introducing a lot of women coming to your home and going out of your life can make them feel like going through the hurt of their parents’ divorce over and over again. This may even make them feel cynical and pessimistic about romantic relationships, which can go a long way toward their adulthood.

There are yet many ways you can ease through dating while keeping your children’s welfare in mind. If you want to head back to the dating realm, Filipino women must be your top choice as they can be the most loving partners and selfless mothers there are. Stop doubting and start your journey now.

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