The Benefits of Managing Finances with Your Filipino Wife

Financial Planning with Filipinas
Finance and budget well together with your Filipina wife.

For married couples, finances after marriage are among the first tasks they'll encounter together. To manage money and a few shared expenses are something that married couples face every day. Marriage with Filipino women is no exception to this reality.

Marriage is a new phase of your life wherein you get to spend the rest of your days with a beautiful girl you solely love and care for. Many believe that long term love and trust is what helps a marriage to suffice. But in reality, spending money as a couple plays a big role behind your married life.

Before you tie the knot, you may be accustomed to managing your personal finance and monthly bills all on your own without sharing financial burdens with anyone else.

Now that you are married and likely have a joint checking account, personal spending management will become a shared experience for you and your Filipino bride. Needless to say, your expenses increase a notch as well.

Prevent instances of you and your wife arguing about money by following these key steps to managing finances as a couple:

S.M.A.R.T. Goals Guide Couples on Sensible Spending Budgets

Many have come across the acronym but only a few apply it to their system. For starters, this stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based. It would be a smart choice for both of you to slowly integrate this into your finances.

Through this, you will be able to determine whether the amount you spend on something is just enough or too much. This will also pave the way for you to be able to control your expenses on things that can wait until tomorrow.

Discussing Finances with Your Filipina Wife Means You're a Team

Money and finance are sensitive topics that not everyone may be comfortable sharing. As it is always a personal decision for you to combine finances or not, speaking about this with a Filipino wife is definitely a must.

If you are the type of couple who could discuss this openly, that is one huge step for you working together as a team. Doing so only proves how both of you are willing to be the other’s companion in facing such important matters. This not only strengthens your bond, but also makes your marriage healthier than before.

Financial Security Means Filter Expenses You May Not Need

Financial security happens when you have an income that is compatible with your lifestyle. Having met your daily needs, engaging in fun activities from time to time, being able to cover for emergencies and budgeting for future major expenses show financial security.

This is one of the financial goals for couples that could change lives entirely. With this, you will be living the life of your dream; a life with fewer worries, and above all, a capable and stable life for you.

Focusing on Priorities Increases the Chance of a Successful Marriage

If you ask a person to name his priorities in life, he may name the basic needs of man such as food, water, shelter, clothing, and medical care. However, there are hidden lines behind what is believed to be priorities.

Married couples should recognize the need to prioritize retirement and emergency funds. Debts should also be given light, for those people who have.

If you overcome this successfully, expect a life where you no longer think of late dues, unwanted penalties, budget scarcity and foresee your married life with lesser burden.

Through prioritization, most couples will find what they want and need often align over time. Achieving shared goals with your Filipino bride will make living much more worthwhile than you could have previously imagined on your own.

Make It a Habit to Save for the Future

Saving does not require a specific amount nor does it follow a strict timetable. Couples should regularly save money, regardless of how little the sum.

Even if you’ve been eyeing those latest Maserati wheels, control the urge to buy one yourself. Filipinos are already typically of the mindset that possessions do not equal happiness. Adopting this same attitude towards material things will make for a better life with your Filipina wife.

For married couples who are able to manage and find their way into saving, then job well done.

You have just made your future self even prouder than before. Unexpected and unwanted expenses are lurking. You never know when a crisis will drain the balance of your bank account.

You'll drastically reduce the likelihood of crisis by planning for bad times before they happen. This will also reduce your dependency on using a credit card to bail yourself out in an emergency.

Combining Finances Means Less Burden for Couples

Having a Filipino woman at your side means you'll never face another problem on your own. This also means your brightest days will be shared with a beautiful woman at your side.

A person whom you can always hold hands with to ease the pain you’ve been feeling inside is also the person whom you’ve married.

As you live a life together, it is always smart and convenient to combine finances. Even though you may not earn the same amount, helping each other will always make burdens a whole lot less.

Filipinas love when their spouse treats them as an equal partner. A wife by your side is an equivalent of yours, and never inferior in any way. Never consider yourself higher than your wife.

Once you've discontinued having separate bank accounts, you've ceased from keeping your money separate. Unlike an individual account, sharing the finances with your partner means you're also accountable for your financial decisions.

Don’t Buy What You Can’t Afford in Two

A marriage with a Filipina means you'll now share both love and finances together. Finances are only to be within the both of you, and no presence of another is required. As a bachelor, financial planners suggest not buying items you cannot afford in two. Couples should only buy items they can afford together.

With a Filipino wife, know that you can manage to walk your way together hand in hand to journey through beyond and into oblivion.

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