Dating in Davao: A Foreigner’s Guide to Romance

Imagine a dreamy, futuristic landscape in a faraway, pristine safehaven with infinite mysteries and otherworldly experiences beyond human comprehension.

Right now, the mental picture you just dreamed up in your head probably looks like something from Avatar, doesn’t it?

Whether you thought about The Last Airbender or James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi masterpiece, both of these worlds depict an ancient, majestic land shrouded in mystery, biodiversity, and an abundance of natural and exotic wonders never before seen by the eyes of man.

An ocean perspective from the mountains.
Dating in Davao is so much more exciting when you appreciate the beauty of the island itself.

On a side note, all great science fiction (or any form of expression for that matter) draws inspiration from similar, real-world ideas and concepts.

It goes without saying that these naturally-occurring treasure troves of resources physically exist (and persist) in the tangible world - and some are just so uniquely bizarre that they seem to top anything beyond the scope of human comprehension.

These natural wonders can be found all over the planet, in all shapes and forms conceivable.

However, no other region on the globe has such a high concentration of biological and geographical diversity like that of the Philippines - a rainforest-island biosphere encompassing many fascinating and unseen peculiarities even more complex than that of the Amazon.

The rich, timeless abundance of the Philippines’ land and water formations are truly unparalleled in magnificence. Out of the 7,641 floating land masses that comprise the archipelago, only about 2,000 of them have civilizations on them.

The rest are home to a wide array of varying plant and animal species as well as natural formations and minerals (many of which have yet to be discovered or documented by modern science, and many of which are ).

In particular, the Davao region has the largest land mass among all of these islands.

Despite being an urbanized center for commerce with some big city attributes, the sheer amount of spaciousness and vast stretches of mountain ranges and beaches makes this location a perfect getaway spot for some good old romance and exploration with your significant other.

If you’re looking for some fun and exciting romantic activities to do with your soulmate (or with some Filipinas who you intend to link up with when you get there), you’ve come to the right place.

The first romantic thing that comes to mind is to:

Climb the iconic Mount Apo

The mighty Mount Apo, which is the highest peak in all of the Philippines and a distinct landmark of the Davao region, is a humble yet extensively large dormant volcano atop a mountain range, consisting of a lowland rainforests and high-elevation hills.

This is a perfect, cool-temperature hike for any couples who enjoy outdoorsmanship and mountaineering.

Although slightly difficult and time consuming (2-3 days of hiking to reach the peak), the beautiful vastness of the land as seen from above the clouds is a breathtaking experience that’s sure to set the perfect backdrop for a reflection on love and life with your partner, and an intimate place to bond and appreciate nature.

A young man at Mt. Apo’s peak.
Women in the Philippines love a good adventure.

There are lots of restaurants, observation points, and travel gift shops in the area (overlooking the mountain from a distance) that’d be ideal for meeting local people and having engaging discussions with them, especially for the foreign fellows looking to meet single women in the Philippines.

If you respectfully ask the right questions, they will gladly tell you about the past of the location. If she is happy with your company, offer to buy her a beverage. You’ll be shocked at how welcoming and laid-back Filipino women are, especially in Davao.

Book a reservation at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a five-star tropical resort with a traditional bamboo and nipa-hut-themed outer design on the architecture of many of the structures, but is a modern paradise on the interior with top-of-the-line furniture and accommodations similar to that of a luxurious cruise ship adorned with island vibes.

There’s a wide array of fun and engaging activities to do in this beach wonderland surrounded by crystal-clear water and vibrant green vegetation.

These include snorkeling, scuba diving in colorful marine sanctuaries, aqua sports, and pool or beachside lounging.

Again, this is an ideal location for an unforgettable retreat with your partner on a romantic honeymoon, or for meeting other guests and locals in a social setting.

If you’re a tourist, you might be able to seduce some beautiful Flipino women on the shore or at a cafe.

Traverse through the Aliwagwag Falls

The tallest waterfall in the Philippine islands is Aliwagwag Falls, a rippling and scenic stair-like water structure in Cateel proper (a 7-hour ride away Davao City). Trekkers and outdoor adventurers flock to this tourist destination.

Nothing beats a breathtaking journey through the woods and down a cascading waterfall alongside the love of your dreams.

Hold their hand over the rugged yet stunning landscape to create unforgettable moments with them that neither of you will ever forget.

When the wind picks up and the cool water starts to penetrate to the bone, it’s a great time to exchange body heat. Remember that a joint adventure fosters a stronger connection between two lovers.

Turquoise-blue waters in Davao region
Your average Filipino woman loves going on adventures with outgoing people.

Trying to strike up interactions with random women at waterfalls, on the other hand, might not always be convenient, since a majority of people who visit these sites prefer to do so in groups.

If you’re looking for some lone Filipino women without any business, you may not be as fortunate unless you befriend another party.

However, if you do happen to encounter one, give it your best shot and you might get lucky.

Drop by the red light district

Maybe your journeys have brought you to Davao not to see a Philippine Eagle, but to see an even better, metaphorical spread eagle. Maybe you want to experience the low-key yet highly profitable red light district concealed in the city’s metro.

(This was meant to be a lover’s manual, but everyone defines love differently.) Also, we shouldn’t have to warn you that bringing your partner along with you is definitely not a smart idea unless she has a preference for that kind of play.)

The connecting roads of Palma Street, Rizal Street, and San Pedro Street comprise the bulk of Davao’s nightclubs, and are all within commuting distance of one another.

These aren’t sex venues; they’re dance bars, which means there’s no absolute nudity going on until you pay the bar charge to let the ladies accompany you out of the establishment to go and do anything you like with them.

The nightlife experience in Davao is somewhat different from that of Cebu and Manila, but in the end, it really isn’t that much different if you think about it.

Perhaps the proximity between the bars and the amount of public attention it gets is what separates it from other places.

A neon sign glows in the red light district.
Filipinas in red light districts have a profound appreciation for foreigners.

To summarize: when it comes to dating in Davao, there are plenty of fun things for lovers (and players) to do in the city - more than enough to fill a single journey, and more than enough for Filipino women dating foreigners to enjoy.

You’ll really need to return several times to fully appreciate its magnificence, but if you love the red light district a bit too much, you might end up staying there for good.

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